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Ucluelet Aquarium | British Columbia

The Ucluelet Aquarium is the premier location in Ucluelet, British Columbia, to get an up-close and personal look at the local marine biodiversity and the ocean environment in the Vancouver islands. They host many exhibits, including tide pools, where you can interact with the sea-life. Some animals central to the presentations are various rockfish, crabs, bivalves feather duster worms, pipefish, sea pen, and sea anemones. Most species are collected by scuba divers by hand during low tide while other specific species are removed from nets, and all other species are returned to the sea. Aside from the juvenile freshwater salmon, specimens are collected from the nearby Pacific Ocean and are seasonally released back to their environment.

The aquarium, as it is today, was opened on June 29, 2001, and has been entertaining and educating guests ever since garnishing much support from locals and visitors alike. They've received support from the Canadian government, who provided $270,000 to help them continue their mission and research to improve local ecosystems and broaden their understanding of the wildlife in the area. As an effort to maintain their dedication to the local wildlife, they've incorporated the latest in sustainable green technology, which they showcase to visitors to help them understand how to obtain energy efficiency in their homes successfully.

They're leading some of the best environmental programs in the world. For example, they conduct radiation sampling where they're participating in the research study with InForm and the University of Victoria to understand the effects of radioactivity in the ocean and how to protect marine life throughout the world. They're also currently assisting the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society to research sea star wasting syndrome, which has plagued the species worldwide. Their work and research on marine wildlife is a true testament to their dedication to the preservation of ocean ecosystems and their inhabitants.

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