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Frankie's Resto-Bar

We Cook Food We Like to Eat, with a Passion

Dining at Frankie's Resto-Bar

Is this your first time reading the word resto-bar? That's ok; It's new to a lot of people. It's a combination of the word restaurant and bar. It's origins come from Quebec, where the owner, Francois "Frankie" Pilon grew up and started his journey to become the owner and operator of Frankies Restro-Bar. Frankie fell in love with the culinary arts as a child when he spent time in the garden with his grandfather. Frankie always loved picking fresh produce and cooking delicious meals with them. He aspired to spread his love for food and wanted to honor his Quebecois roots, so he decided to start his own resto-bar, which are familiar places for friends and family gather together for good company, good food, and good drinks.

Frankie's motto is, "Keep it simple. Keep it real". They don't over complicate things. Come in, have a seat, and kick back and relax and let them do the rest. Enjoy the great harbor views and outdoor patio. If you're ready for a drink, take advantage of their rotating beer tap. They also have an extensive, award-winning British Columbia wines. They have traditional starters like house cut fries and mayo and mac and cheese, but they have some options you won't find and many places or nowhere else at all. For instance, they serve six raw boozy oysters, smoked duck wings, shrimp risotto balls, and pulled pork mac and cheese. Once you're ready to dig in, there's no shortage of great options. Brisket BBQ pulled pork BBQ grilled chicken breast or plant-based Italian sausage. They also have an impressive variety of drinks that you can pair with your meal like Hester Creek Cabernet merlot, Fitzpatrick Gewurztraminer, Lighthouse Gin'N'Juice, Jalapeno Margarita or any one of their top-shelf liquor.

So, if you're looking for a fun casual place with a great view, come check out Frankies Resto-Bar, where they treat you like family.  


Food highlight in Ucluelet

Sensational ribs, perfect fish, nice service! Frankie was our food highlight on our Tour through BC and Vancouver Island!!! Thank Mario (bike and SUP guide) for his recommendation

-andreasIN1400WY, Trip Advisor

Real BBQ in Ucluelet

Frankie's is like a piece of the south was picked up and transplanted into Ucluelet. A genuine BBQ menu, not a watered down chain restaurants version of BBQ. You'd think Frankie was from the Carolinas! If you like BBQ this is definitely worth a try

-LucBjorn, Trip Advisor

Best service and great food!

Had an amazing last night in Ukee at frankies, came down for a few beers and some food but were extremely pleasantly surprised with great craic, even better food and a wide variety of local drinks with a very knowledgeable barman to guide us! Next time we come back to Canada - first stop is Frankies, for the food and to let us play our Scottish music all night long !! Thanks again.

-Chirstack, Trip Advisor

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