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Explore Old-Growth Rainforests and Beaches

Hiking Trails

When hiking in the Tofino and Ucluelet area, you'll be surrounded by majestic old-growth rainforests and pristine beaches. The forests are home to a variety of fascinating wildlife, including black bears, bald eagles, and deer. (Cougars and wolves also populate the area, but are difficult to spot.) Along the beaches, you have the chance to view whales, otters, seals, and herons.

The most popular trails in the area are part of, or close to, the Pacific Rim National Park, a 197 square mile reserve, made up of temperate rainforests, rugged beaches, and unusual ecosystems. The trails described below are somewhat short and easy hikes, but still allow you to experience this area's natural beauty.

Wild Pacific Trail
The Wild Pacific Trail is is an 8.8 km trail just minutes from Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast. The Wild Pacific Trail is a unique experience. While most trails in the area lead to sandy beaches, this one follows a rugged coastline, made up of rocky, jagged points.

The Wild Pacific Trail is comprised of two sections. The Lighthouse Loop Trail is 2.6 km hike that leads to the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse, and offers spectacular views of Pacific waves crashing against a rocky shoreline. This trail is very popular with storm watchers due to the prevalence of high winds and pounding rain. The Brown's Beach and Rocky Bluff section that runs along the ocean and through a stunning rainforest. It also connects to the Ancient Cedars Trail, which contains some of the oldest and most beautiful trees in Canada.

Schooner Cove Trail

The Schooner Cove Trail is a 2 km trail located in the Pacific Rim National Park. This is a relatively easy hike along gravel roads and a series of boardwalks and steep, winding stairs. It provides amazing views of a lush, temperate rainforest and Long Beach's beautiful sandy beaches. Once you reach Long Beach, you have the option of extending your hike as much as 16 km by heading over to the Kwisitis Visitor Centre.

Rainforest Trail

The Rainforest Trail, located along Highway 4, is actually made up of two 1 km loops (Loop A and Loop B) in the Pacific Rim National Park. The trail lets you experience a classic temperate rainforest, with dense foliage and some of the oldest trees in Canada. It's an excellent location to experience a true old-growth rainforest. It is dense, wet, and filled with thick moss, ferns, and centuries-old cedar and fir trees.

The two loops focus on different characteristics of the rainforest. Loop A is on the north side of Highway 4. The trail focuses on the history of the rainforest. Loop B is on the south side of Highway 4. It focuses on rainforest structure and wildlife in the forest. If you have the time, you definitely want to hike both locations in order to experience everything the Rainforest Trail has to offer.

These are just a few of the numerous trails available to you in the Tofino and Ucluelet area. Feel free to contact us if you need more information on planning your hiking adventure.

Tour Guides

These companies can help with planned hikes and guided tours in the Ucluelet and Tofino area.

Long Beach Nature Tours
Long Beach Nature Tours specializes in unique, exclusive hiking experiences in Tofino, Ucluelet, and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. They have over 25 years of experience, helping visitors get the most out of their outdoor adventures in our area.
  • Phone: 250-725-3320
  • Email:

Hello Nature Adventure Tours
Hello Nature Adventure Tours offers hiking and kayaking tours along the west coast of Vancouver Island. Tours can be half-day excursions to week-long adventures. Located in Ucluelet, they provide easy access to Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands.
  • Phone: 250-726-2035
  • Email:


We enjoyed hiking the trails in Ucluelet

The Wild Pacific Trail is a nice easy walk through some of the most scenic area on Vancouver Island. We also did a guided bicycle tour on part of the trail both very enjoyable. Lots of wildlife, seals, whales, Eagles and in the late afternoon great sunsets.

-WR Bird, Trip Advisor

The Rainforest Trail Favourite

They weren't kidding that these old trees were huge! Ancient cedars that are 800 years old? Unbelievable. Loved it. Wear hiking boots so you don't slip and slide. Excellent maintained boardwalks

-suesmoves, Trip Advisor

Long Walks

We parked at Schooner Cove and then walked along the beach as far as we could go. There and back was a 3 hour brisk but meditative walk in the sunshine, with the sea spray on our faces. Bliss!

-Cucina58, Trip Advisor

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